…A transition from fantasy into the creation of unique jewels made from silver, semiprecious stones and gold.

The year 1980 represented nothing but the beginning for Mr. Simos Koutsolioutsos who set up the company Simos World Jewellery and transferred his business activities from Italy to Greece in order to promote the import and trade of silver jewellery as well as ornamental and decorative objects on the Greek market.

In 1992 the first 2 retail stores were opened by the company under the name OLTRE MARE as the company kept on heading for great success in the field of the exclusive design of modern as well as timeless jewellery. More OLTRE MARE stores were opened as a result of the enthusiasm the customers and nowadays there are already 11 shops.

The fact that OLTRE MARE has already many years of experience is reflected in each new collection and in the fact that the company aims at matching each jewel with the personality of nowadays women. The philosophy of OLTRE MARE is not only to rely on the new trends in jewellery designing on an international level but also to come up with a wide range of new ideas that are turned into jewels.

A team of experts working for OLTRE MARE is continuously traveling around the world, researching, fantasizing and getting inspiration in order to create 2 new collections per year just for you.

Unique jewels which arouse your fantasy and defy to resist them.